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Based on the tale by Hans Christian Anderson
Produced by British Youth Music Theatre

Directed by Anthony Underwood

The Steadfast Tin Soldier is one of Hans Christian Anderson's greatest fables. A story about an outcast toy soldier with a missing leg, who falls for the beauty and elegance of a music-box ballerina across the toy room. One day the soldier is tossed out the window by his owner, and is forced to make an intrepid journey back to see his beloved Ballerina again.


In this dark, political retelling of the story; we see this story through the eyes of a deaf soldier, living within a crumbling city, who will risk anything to uphold the morals that are important to them; courage, endurance, allegiance and integrity.


Book  | Anthony Underwood
Music and Lyrics | Barnaby Southgate
Director | Anthony Underwood
Choreography | Tali Foxworthy-Bowers

Produced by British Youth Music Theatre

The Steadfast Tin Soldier is grateful to be supported by BYMT and Leeds Conservatoire in its development phase.
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