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Written by Anthony Underwood

Performed at Jane Holloway Hall

Direction by Anthony Underwood | Choreography by Olivia Coote | Musical Direction by Stephen Johnson | Costume Design by Claudia Heinrichs | Hair and Make-Up Design by Lori Murphy

Production Shots
PC: Lori Murphy

The Hunger Games: The Musical is the story of Katniss and Peeta’s woe as they are once again thrown into the infamous arena to compete against some of the deadliest musical theatre characters the world has ever seen! It shall be a test of strength, spirit, and of course musical talent.


The show will feature a cast of fifteen brave tributes! Playing a range of well-loved characters such as Troy Bolton, Sandy Olssen, Elsa and Galileo Figaro. Along with singing some of the best show tunes around the audience will be in awe as tribute battles tribute until one remains!

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