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Curated by Sam Hejdeman
Produced by Ministry of Mayhem

Directed by Anthony Underwood

"What if we could take a group of children, most of whom won't have ever touched a musical instrument before, and make them play an original score as a band?"

The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a 45-minute, promenade musical based on the classic German legend. The town of Hamelin, a world-famous cheese-making town, has lost its top 'cheese-making' spot. In desperate need to regain their notoriety, the evil Mayor bans music and orders his citizens to produce triple the amount of cheese... whatever the cost.

When a disgusting rat infestation begins to overwhelm the town, the young people of the town must work together to call the Pied Piper to help them! Can they drive the rats from their town through their music? Or will Hamlet be doomed to be overrun with rats forever!!


The piece will be led by five actor-musicians and will target young participants from lower socio-economic backgrounds in the arts, with the intent to inspire them to engage with musical instruments, and offer them the invaluable opportunity to learn about the importance of ensemble, collaboration and role-playing.


Book and Lyrics | Sarah Middleton
Music | Stephen Hyde
Director | Anthony Underwood
Design | Cheng Keng

Produced by Ministry of Mayhem

The Pied Piper of Hamelin is grateful to be supported by Farnnham Maltings and the National Trust.
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